Sunday, December 2, 2007

Things I know for sure

Since it is fast Sunday I thought I would let you all know 5 things I know for sure

1.Joesph Smith saw and spoke with Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He saw them face to face.

2. Heavenly Father is real. A man of flesh and bones he knows me by name and loves me

3. Jesus lived and still lives. He suffered in the garden so I can have eternal life.

4. There is a prophet on the earth today who receives Revelation on how we as a people should be living our lives.

5. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! All of it. I know it just like I know I'm alive. I don't doubt it and I am so thankful for a small boy who went and prayed to know what church to join.


Janalee said...

wow, very nice

Janalee said...

p.s. I already have a standard stocking pattern I'll use. But thanks for offering. My problem will lie in choosing from the thousands of fabrics, and then trying to coordinate them all, and then when I'm done, thinking, DUH! Why didn't I do this this and this? And seeing a cooler idea.