Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Haven

Every year we go to Winter Haven to look at the lights and this year was no different, EXCEPT, we went on a horse and carriage ride instead of driving. It was so FUN and COLD. The kids thought it was so fun and actually got to see most of the lights this way. Jordan saw The Simpson's Characters and said" look Daddy it's the naughty show" we must tell him he can't watch it cause it's naughty often. Here are some pictures. Kenzie,Aliana and Jordy
Papa (my dad) and Aliana
My brother Mario and my mom
And us with the horses.

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Amy John said...

Oh my gosh! I remember always going to that when I lived there when I was little, and I keep saying I wish they still did that... I guess they do! Man, how fun!