Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just one more time

Are you sick of hearing about our Disneyland trip yet? Good cause I'm NOT:) In fact I wish I was there (only not pregnant and holding a sweet baby in my arms) So here is the last bit of pictures (mostly of grandparents to see) We had to wait behind a rope for 10 minutes and Bob was getting silly cause he woke us all up at 6am. The park opened at 10am. The next day when we wanted to go to the park at 7am all the kids work up at 9am (mom was up at 5:45am but I did go back to sleep after a shower)
My boys!!

Me:"Bob show me your smile"

I love how silly Kenzie gets sometimes, how sweet Bob's face is and Jordan looks to grown up for me. Also my belly is HUGE.

Love love love his sweet face

She wanted a picture by Bruce. She is a super model

I think Will like Pirates the most:) Actually Jordan could have ridden it all day. We rode it 4 times and would have rode it more if it didn't break for a long time one day.

I love this! I forget what ride this is....

Bob loved the Balloons in Mickey's house. In fact he loves Mickey.

You have to take one here

and here

OH and here. I like how Jordan's shoe is coming off. He really thought it would come out and was REAL mad when it didn't.

Love these kids

All my loves!

Jordan wanted me to take this of him

My kids!

On the car ride that I almost DIED on! Jordan would turn before the turn because he saw it up ahead. I tried to tell him you turned when you got to the turn but he didn't get it. We went on this twice. I almost died twice. NEVER AGAIN....

Watching the parade. He loved it! There was tons of dancing which he loves

And you see that cute girl in the pink jacket that is my girl dancing in the parade! Too bad my camera died right after this picture (I should had charged the batteries oh well)
*Kenzie went on splash mountain and LOVED it. After the drop she turned to Will and said "Daddy when is the BIG drop?"
*Jordan HATED tower of terror
*Bob rode almost everything unless he was too small for it
*We ran into our friends Bill and Nora Morgan
*Next time I go I will NOT be pregnant. It wasn't so bad but I would rather not be
We had a GREAT time and can't wait to go back! The plan is to go back in about 2 years or so. Will said he could go every year. Which is funny because a few years ago he said he HATED Disneyland....

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Janalee said...

I remember when we went the first time with the kids and loved it and said, 'let's go back every three years! that will be perfect'. we went in 2004, 2007 and so I guess we're due this year, but it's not on the itinerary.