Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a Character

Here is a little start to our FUN filled 3 days in Disneyland!! The kids loved seeing all the different Characters. We didn't get to see as many princesses as we hoped for but we weren't going to wait in line for 2 hours for that. So we only really saw one and Kenzie was fine with that. Bob didn't like any of them but now he says Mickey Mouse ALL DAY LONG. But if you ask him he likes Mickey he says no. I don't get it either. So enjoy our intro to Disneyland and in a few days I will have more FUN pictures and stories for you!! (I know you are all just dying to hear them and see them:) ) Well at least my mom and dad are. Us with Mickey. Bob tried to smile but it didn't work out so good

Mad Hatter (Jordan's favorite)

Chip or dale? He had some nice dance moves and danced with Kenzie:)

This is for my Dad!!

Bob wanted to get inside:)

Kenzie told her she was BEAUTIFUL. And Kenzie's shirt said "shake it up" so they danced with her. It was too cute and she loved it.

Buzz got stuck and the kids had to push is button and help him.

He was leaving so Jordan run up to give him a hug:)

Bob DID NOT like Woody at all!

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