Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 years

From this To this
In just two short years.

I can't believe Bob is two. It went by way too fast! I love this little guy and I want him to stay little forever! Here are some fun facts about my little man

- He learned to swim before he slept all night (18 months swimming. 23 months sleeping all night)

- Loves Mickey Mouse and Woody (from toy story but calls him da goo no idea why)

-He hates to have a dirty diaper but the potty is a little scarry right now

-He is a mama's boy:)

-He takes at least a 3 hour nap (he would sleep more but we have to pick up Jordy from school)

-Calls Kenzie "K"

-likes balls and everytime we go to Safeway Daddy gets him a new one (good thing it's only 25 cents and we only shop there every other month)

-He likes to put on everyones shoes and walk around the house but once outside he is fast to take his off cause he would rather be without.

-Loves the water if someone is in the bath or shower he gets naked and jumps on in with them. (he gets several a day)

-Has the BEST smile

-dances everytime music comes on

Theses are just a few things we love about our boy. He makes every day so much fun!!

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TrishAnderson said...

Fun little guy. He is so adorable. I love that quirky smile that he has.