Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 12 something that scares you

The one thing that scarres me the most it losing one of my children. When Henry was born he didn't cry because he wasn't breathing (the cord was wrapped around his body). I saw the panic look on the Doctors face and then the tears from Will and I didn't know what to think. I wanted to HEAR my baby. And no one would talk to me.

I was in shock as I had just had a baby with no drugs and it was SUPER fast so that may have helped alittle in me not freaking out totally. But it took a LONG time for him to finally cry.

I remember looking up at Will at one point and I said "did we have a boy?" holding back tears he said "yes" Then walked away to be with him.

Just reliving it is hard. I am crying now! And he is OKAY!! (He did stop breathing two other times when we were in the hospital but he is great now!) You can see the purple in his hands, top of head and tummy in this picture. Make my heart hurt to see this!
And here he is a few hours later NO MORE purple! He is with Grandpa in this picture. (My dad Frank)

So thankful for the priesthood blessing I got to be able to step outside myself and deliever this sweet baby. Cause 3 hours later all the stress caught up to me and I got super sick and couldn't even hold him for about 4 more hours. Thank goodness for my mom!


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