Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 3. A photo that makes you happy

I have a few so here you go.... I love this one of the kids. I just wish Bob was in it. Kenzie's head resting on Jordan makes my heart melt. Baby Henry so sweet and tiny love it!!

This one for Will holding all 3 kids (Henry was still cooking) They wanted to go to the other side but needed Daddy help. I love that he just picked them up and went! He is like that with everything..Where I leave off he will just pick up from and start.

Kenzie hugging the boys! I love that it's so hard, that Bob is trying to get out, that Jordan doesn't seem to mind. I just love that most of the time they love eat other!

This is Bob running after Christina (who was taking his picture) She did such a great job getting his smile on film.


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