Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun stuff

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to... Bob and Kenzie play "car" or "mommy" and they use the fireplace as the car. Bob is always the kid and Kenzie is always mommy. When they play Bob goes around saying "mommy" and if I answer he says "no not call you." Kind of makes me sad..
this makes me laugh. Will is holding Jared and Morgan's little one and Henry. They are 8 weeks apart and Henry is older!! You wouldn't know it from the picture:)

LOVE his smile. I was trying to take his 9month picture and he wanted to play

The kids waiting for Daddy to come home! LOVE IT!!

And my baby crawling around. I was hiding and he found me.

Things have been crazy with four at home every day but I love it. Most days. Kenzie is starting a musical theatre camp in a week. Jordan is still wrestling (I still don't understand it!) Bob is two and we know it now! And Henry is just a relaxing easy baby!


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Luann said...

Kaylee and Seth do the same thing! Kaylee is the mommy and Seth is the kid or baby. Sometimes I answer his "mom" even though I know he doesn't mean me to just be a stinker. I like to think they play that way because they like being part of our family. Or maybe it's just Kaylee's way of bossing Seth around with his permission. So cute!