Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A pirates life for me......

While in San diego we got to take a tour of the pirate ship used in the movie Pirates of the Carribean (and Master and Commander, but the kids could care less about that part. It was a REAL pirate ship!!!) If you know Jordan you know he LOVES pirates he has had 3 pirate parties now and it talking about having another one....(HELP ME:) ) anyways....... Here is Captain Jack Spar...I mean Jordan "driving"ship.
Bob just wanted to shoot something! And he makes some cute faces too.

This is a letter Written by Christopher Columbus. How cool is that!!!???

Me and Bob on the ship

And my sweet sassy pants girly girl! I love this of her and I love the water in the back!

The kids had a GREAT time looking and this ship and playing pirates on a real ship!


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