Thursday, July 7, 2011

A picture how to...

My MIL has a 5x7 picture of each grand kid on her wall and has asked for an updated one of Henry. She really wants one of all his hair:) And since the last one was when he was only 2 weeks old I thought it was a good idea. Since we were in San diego I thought it was a good time to try....Ummm Henry wasn't so sure..Here is our how to take a picture of a 10 month old who would rather eat the rocks and crawl. Picture one says : OH I wasn't suppose to wave at my daddy.
Picture two: OH you want me to crawl and get real super close and do it in less then .0003 seconds so you hardly have any time to back up...OKAY done!

Picture 3: I wanted that rock that was in my mouth......

Picture 4: This is what happens when mommy kisses me!

Picture 5: PERFECT!!!

*note it took WAY more then 5 pictures to get a good one and it may or may not have included more rock eating, crying, kisses, yelling (by the other kids), dancing, and other craziness. But it only took about 5 minutes!*


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