Monday, July 18, 2011

potty training 101

Two weeks ago this little man thought it would be a GREAT time to potty train...right before San Diego. Umm okay? whatever. I didn't actually think he would I thought he just wanted to maybe try to use the potty and that would be that. NOPE he goes potty on the potty. Pee and poop!! And I did NOTHING to make that happen!!!! Cause I am AWESOME!!

This is how I potty train in my house. "When the kids are ready they will show me." Which for Jordan he was 3 years and 3 months. Kenzie was 2 and a half (and it was the day after I had gone to costco to get diapers.) and Bob 2 years and 9 months. And I didn't have to push or "train" a single one!! That is not to say we didn't have any peeing in their pants. Jordan had a hard time staying dry at night. Kenzie peed herself maybe 2 times. And the most recent one is when we heard Bob say "I pee in the hole" and he came out of the kitchen with pee all over his pants. Will told him about the "hole" in the front of his undies so that he would wear them the right way cause he was wearing them the wrong way to see the cars. NICE!!! BAD.IDEA.WILL!!!

So my advice to you since it has worked for 3 kids over here is DON'T stress!! And they will go when they are ready it will be easier on you and them and will happen in no time with less mess too!! I have yet to clean up any mess from Bob (well other then the pee in the hole one:) )



Stephanie said...

I love this idea. I think i will try it with Sophie. With Caleb and Sadie I really wanted to potty train them at the same time, so we just went for it. Caleb was 3 years 10 months when we started, but we had to prep him and completely get rid of the diapers in our house (recommendation from psychologist), so that's another reason why I wanted Sadie potty trained at the same time. Sadie was a lot harder than Caleb. Caleb basically did exactly what the psych said he would which was resist the change and then start peeing and pooping without even telling us (we had to teach him to tell us, so that we could wipe is rear). With Sadie peeing was fine and she always wanted to use "the big potty", but she really struggled with pooping after a while and it was a pretty traumatic transition into pooping on the potty and not in her pants. It took about 6 months. :( So, needless to say, I am excited for using your method with Sophie.

Heather (wife, mom) said...

impressive. Adam is just barely starting to be interested and I'm in no hurry. Way to go little guy!

anndz said...

numpang lewat .. :)