Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy birthday Meagan

Jordan's little friend Meagan turned 4 yesterday and we went over there for cake and pizza. Here are Candace, Kenzie, Jordan and Meagan (the birthday girl)
Here she is with the yummy cake. Meagan's mommy is my workout buddy so after cake we played some DDR which of course I lost and duck hunt, so fun. (One day Jen I say we skip the gym and play the Wii instead)

We gave her some nail polish and since she is 4 she didn't need any help. It was so cute to see her being a big girl.

Candace and Kenzie deiced to play mommies and were walking back and forth with the strollers it was so stinkin cute!!! They have really become good friends since Candace started coming to nursery. She can even say Kenzie in the sweetest little voice ever! I love her voice ever no sounds sweet and cute.

Here is Kenzie mommy!!

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Amy John said...

Oh, I wish Zoe was able to play with Kenzie more... they are exactly alike! Way too girlie for their own britches.