Wednesday, January 2, 2008

One more to go

Okay so I finished # 2 the "Twilight" books and it was good not as good as the 1st but good. It didn't have enough Edward in it and the ending, I'm glad I did have to wait for #3 to come out I am going to start reading it tonight. I hope this next one have LOTS and LOTS of Edward in it and that the ending is just right. So we will see.


Amy John said...

See?? I think the whole world is in love with Edward. Poor husbands are now being compared to a freaking vampire! So did you see who they cast to play Edward?? Is it not unnacceptable? Seriously, those are my fave books right now. Now stop reading your blog, and go read the book! Oh, and you are right about the second, not enough Edward, that was exactly what I thought too.

Reina said...

I hope that guy makes a good Edward cause really looking at him my heart doesn't drop like I would hope. But maybe if they cast Orlando Bloom then that would work right? Okay I am almost done with #3 and did you know there is a #4. I can't wait!