Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The new season starts tonight!! Well tomorrow and tonight is a recap but I can't wait!! I was having a bad day till I remembered I get to watch my show. I think Will for Valentines day should buy me the 1st 3 seasons don't you? That would be so sweet! Okay I now need to make dinner and clean because I have to get a nap so I can stay up till 10. I know 10 for some people is not that late but I I just can't seem to stay up that late.


The Ghirardi Family said...

Yay! I am so so so VERY excited for the season to start back up! Oh how I've missed LOST!

Glad to see someone else who shares in the excitement! :)

Tomorrow night is the BIG night!!!

Amy John said...

OOh, I have been wanting to rent the seasons because it sounds like an awesome show. Actually every time I think about it, I think of you guys because I remember you guys going off on how awesome it was once. Have fun!!

Reina said...

Amy you HAVE to rent them and watch them!! It is the BEST show!!

Crystal- Tonight is the night!!! Aren't you so excited I didn't give the kids a nap so they would go to bed at 6:30.

The Ghirardi Family said...

I just gave Lia a bath so she's ready to go to bed and Joey is on daddy duty! Normally she gets a bath at like 7:45-8ish and that is so NOT happening tonight--can't miss my show!
I like your no nap idea! :)

I am soooo excited!
21 mins left!