Tuesday, June 24, 2008

babies babies babies

I have about 12 weeks till baby Robbie makes his way into the world and I can't wait. I look at the kids pictures and wonder who he will look like. Kenzie looks more like me and Jordan like Will. Or will he be a mix of the two of us. I can't wait to hold him and kiss him and smell him. Kenzie told me to open my tummy to let him out to play (if only it were that easy). This is Sweet baby girl Kenzie a few weeks old
And here is baby Jordy boy.
I love my babies, and I think Will and I make some cute ones if I do say so myself. I love Jordy's little bum in that one!


Janalee said...

well those two babies look identical to me!

Heather, David & Jenna said...

i agree with janelee- kenzie and jordan look ALOT alike, so i'm sure robbie will fit right in.

i love the new header too! that picture is funny cause you and will have great smiles, you are at a beautiful place, and kenzie and jordy are soooo not into it! funny kids!