Thursday, June 19, 2008

My best friend!

This is my best friend! I love him so much, I could not begin to imagine life without him. He is the best daddy. The kids love him so much and he loves them. Watching him with them makes me wander how much my Heavenly Father love me. It has got to be a TON! Because I can hardly believe a father could love his kids as much or more than Will. After Kenzie he said we were done now he wants at least 3 more. (That is right at least, He better learn how to get pregnant!)
I started dating him at the tender age of 16 and knew then that he was amazing. We fight and he bugs me but he is my everything! Have you ever seen the notebook? That is us. I want to die just like that side by side holding hands!
Recently he went to the doctor and was told he had to have some test done right away (as in the next week) I did nothing but cry when he wasn't around thinking the worst. I didn't want him to know I was worried, I wanted to be strong for the both of us. Yesterday we got the test done and everything is GREAT! Nothing to worry about. I can breath again. I couldn't stop kissing him and touching his arm as we drove away. I was so excited!
I know that he we got the results we did because we prayed a lot, have been living the gospel and he got a wonderful priesthood blessing from his Dad and brother.

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Janalee said...

that was sweet. I'm glad he has a wife who adores him.