Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sleepover and a date

Jordan had his 1st sleep over this weekend with his friend Nathan Butler. He was so excited and when I took the camera out he said "Mom, only one picture okay!" I took this one and one of him at the door:) He had a fun and even when to a movie. Since he got to do something fun we took Kenzie on a date to Build a Bear. She made a bunny name Ella. It was so fun! Jordan and his "one" picture
Kenzie picking out her bunny
Filling the bunny with hugs and love. She even got to put a heart in and kiss it 1st.
Bath time!
Ella is all hers!! Kenzie makes a fun date. She even has great taste for dinner she wanted ice cream! I could have agreed more and if it was just her and I am sure we would have but Daddy said no! So pizza it was. And we never did get ice cream so I think when Jordan has his next sleep over (in two weeks) we should get that yummy ice cream!

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