Monday, June 9, 2008

Kenzie Loo happenings

Kenzie is now in a big girl bed!! She is so excited and loves her princess bed.
She slept the whole night with no problems.
Here is her Church bag I made her.
Don't you love her bathing suit. It is way to big because it is a 4T and was for next year but Will loved it too much and it looked to cute.
She is all done with swim classes and is a GREAT swimmer!! I am so glad I didn't have to go everyday for 8 weeks like last year. (I may have died) I will post video soon. I only have her swimming in clothes so when we go to my mom's I will film some there.
She is getting to be such a little lady. I can't believe my baby girl is growing up. I am glad we are having another one because I miss having a baby around the house, Kenzie hardly needs me it feels.


Camille said...

What a beautiful girl! Love that church bag. Way cute!

Chantri said...

Your family is so beautiful! I am glad you left your link. I can't wait to get to know you better. You are so talented- the church bag is so cute!

Janeal said...

What a cute swim suit! The church bag you made is really cute too.

Janalee said...

looks like you're getting to know that sewing machine and on your way to becoming a real Seamstress Sally. love the fabric - was that the free stuff you won?

Totallyscrappy said...

The church bag is priceless!!
She must be so proud of her swimming capabilities