Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photos from Aunt Kam (warning lots of pictures)

We went to Will's mom's for some reason that I can't remember and I looked outside and saw my Sister-in-law Kam and Kenzie having a photo shoot outside. It was so cute and Kenzie had so much fun. I only wish Kenzie wasn't such a mess. If you click on the picture you will see what I mean. Who wants a kiss??!!
I love that face!
Look at her feet they are too cute!
I just love that sweet look
My cute monkeys

David and Jordy (David always makes some kind of funny face, it cracks me up)
Last Sunday we got to visit with Will's sister Heather and her family they don't come down often so it was really nice to see them. Here they are.

Uncle Mike and Jordy
Grandma and her girls. Out of all the grandkids (Robbie will make 11) there are only 2 girls
And I had to include this of me and my girl. I am hardly in any pictures. Russell took this at David's b-day party.


Heather, David and Jenna said...

seriously - wash that girls face! :)
she is loving the camera... she must be use to it...

Amy John said...

Such cute pictures. I love the one of you two. Oh and you look so dang good! When I am prego I seriously blow up! Whats your secret??

Reina said...

Amy- did you not see me with the other two I was HUGE! This time I have been working out. I think that has helped a lot. And running after Jordan and Kenzie too.

Adam & Samantha said...

Gosh it kind of looks like Kenzie is used to getting her picture taken, I wonder why?!?! Those were really cute pics, she has the cutest smile!!