Monday, July 21, 2008

What a fun day!

On Saturdays Will works so if I want to do something like get a hair cut or whatever it is very hard. But this Saturday my mom watched the kids so my friend Heather and I could get a facial. It was so nice!! It was an hour long and only cost $18. It was so nice and relaxing, I could totally do that often!!
Then later in the day we went to Will parents and got to see his sister Heather and her family. We hardly get to see them so that was really fun. Their kids are getting BIG (all 5 of them). And then around 6pm my friend Samantha picked me up and we went shopping and to dinner. We had a hard time finding clothes because we are both pregnant but we had a FUN time!!
This was really what I needed a nice break from being mommy. I really need to do this at least once a month.

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