Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tag I'm it

i am: A wife, mommy and a friend
i think: many things all the time
i know: I have the cutest kids in the world
i want: smores
i have: the best husband in the world
i wish: to loose all this baby weight then some by May
i hate: the people who stole our stuff
i miss: my Tata he would have loved my kids
i fear: Obama
i feel: Robbie moving ALL the time
i hear: kids talking
i smell: rain! And I love it
i crave: Eegee's watermelon!!!!
i search: for lost toys way too much
i wonder: if I am a good mom
i regret: nothing
i love: my family
i care: about others feelings alittle too much some times
i always: think about getting out of this small house
i am not: good a waiting. I really don't like it
i believe: the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is TRUE
i dance: with the kids all the time
i sing: in the car
i don’t always: shower before noon
i fight: over little things and laugh in the middle of the fight
i write: in my journal once a month
i lose: my car keys a lot
i win: Paper rock scissors
i never: eat ketchup on anything it is GROSS
i listen: to music about half the day.
i can usually be found: blogging, working out, scrapbooking, reading or watching a good movie with my husband
i am scared: about the elections
i need: to have this sweet baby and get my body back!
i am happy about: the choice I have made in my life to make it so I can have a forever family
i tag: Samantha and Heather

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