Thursday, July 3, 2008

So mad at rude jerky people!

Will goes to work today only to find out that some jerk stole some equipment from him. Thousands of dollars gone. He works so hard for our family to provide for us and some jerks decide to steal. I just don't understand why people do these things. Of course insurance does NOT cover it so we are out of luck. Which just stinks! I am so upset that people are so rude and do these!!
We are honest hard working and there are low life creeps out there who just take what is not theirs! I can just punch them I want to scream and cry at them same time!!!! It makes me so mad it feels like we take a steep forward only to go three back. Okay That is my rant on that.......

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. said...

Totally different league...but I am totally with you! What did these mothers teach their children? -Someone stole Allen's bike a couple weeks ago when we were out of town! How do you explain that to an eight year old?