Monday, November 26, 2007

GG's house and a wedding

We went to GG's on Sat and spent the day with her (Thanks for ditching us Amy.J/K) We had so much fun. The kids played a lot. And Jordan loved to say GG he must of said it 151 times for random things. It was so stinkin cute. I love going over there really she has the BEST junk food and since I was pucking all day Friday and lost 2 pounds I didn't care at all about how much I had. (I wish I felt up to eating a lot of the yummy goodness of it all) Now look close at this picture and see the hole in the tights, yes that happened while I was getting ready. William has no idea how and it happened in 10 mins. And we were on our way to a wedding and it was cold so she went like that. nice just nice. These are the kind of things that happen all the time before church.Who knows? She is a firecracker!
Jackson and Kenzie Loo.
GG and the kids
And Kenzie didn't get a nap so 30 seconds into the car ride this is what happened. So sweet! I just love that sweet little ball of fire!


Adam & Samantha said...

So cute, love the picture of your family, even with the hole in her stockings! By the way, I think we can still go to the mountains, as long as none of us are sick!!

Amy John said...

I know, I suck big time! Really, just ask Travis, the whole day I was worried about getting home in time to come and see you guys. He knew how bad I felt when we didnt even pull in till 5:30! I am so sorry!!!! I really wish I was there with the kids. It would hav ebeen fun. Love the pics!