Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving highlights

My sweet little family in Peggy and Dave's backyard.
Kam,Russell,David and Porter
Our friends Barb and Steve came down from Cali. I was so happy to see them!!!
Richie and I both won $5 Jamba Juice gift cards in left right center. YUMMY!! FREE Jamba is always good
The girls. Kam,Peggy,Katy,Reina.

My Aunt. Getting all the meet off the Turkey. She loves to do this, Really she does.
Ali, She got into the whip cream when Nana was chatting. I let her cause I love her and she is too stinkin cute
Will and Mason playing Guitar hero.
Madison! I love her.

I guess I took to many pictures. (I tend to do that) Kenzie was hiding from the camera.


Amy John said...

Hiding, yet still managing to look too cute!

Reina said...

Thanks! She was mad at me for taking that picture but I was glad I did

Adam & Samantha said...

oohhh how cute. Your pictures turned out really cute! Good thing you had batteries in your camera this time!! Check out my blog, I did it all by myself, I'm very proud of it!