Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sad day in sewing

My friend Mary came over to let me use her sewing machine since mine is broken and I learned two things.

1. I hate curves! I don't like them. I don't think you need them and I am no good at sewing them either. maybe one day I will like them but today I hate them! Also it is not fun sewing with 3 kids round like jungle animals.

2. I am not good a sewing. I thought I was but Mary informed me that I am not good. This is a sad day. I am going to get my machine fixed and show her that I am good. I want to like it and I want to be good at it.
I think the problem is the jungle animals and the curves, but you should see the towel I made I think it is cute. I will post a picture of one the kids in it when they get up. so you can see

This is a sad day in sewing for me. I thought I liked it and thought I was good but I guess not. Please tell me it was just the day.


Amy John said...

Ok, sewing takes lots of practice. And, it was a cloudy day, it must be that.

Janalee said...

You mean Mary - and who is Mary? - actually told you you're not good at sewing?

Practice, my pet, lots of practice. And those curves ARE tough with that binding. I've done baby blankets like that and they can be frustrating. You just learn the knicks and knacks as you do it alot.

Reina said...

Jana-yes Mary actually told me I suck. that is what she said. I guess I will just have to practice more, and send all my "sucky" stuff your way. J/K.