Thursday, November 8, 2007

My babies

The kids are driving me crazy! Here they are before they could do that. Enjoy! .

This is Kenzie at 5 days old. She could hold her head up from birth. In fact when the nurse gave her to Will she looked up at him. I look that she came out strong.

These are my dorks!!
Kenzie Loo in her party dress

OH and Jordan. I wish I could go back to this time and sleep right next to him!!


Janalee said...

very cute header - where'd you get turkey lady?

Reina said...

Thanks. I got her online. I can email her to you if you want her. I was going to put my head on her but that was going to take way to much time.

Amy John said...

Kenzies face never changed! She always looked the same! Adorable