Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy to you

okay so we had Kenzie party this weekend and here are some pictures from the party.

Here is the cake. I would be so much better but Will just had to help.
Kenzie getting ready
Kenzie and Kendra
Okay this is so funny. Will said he was taller than Russell. So that are seeing who is taller. And they are laughing that their butts are touching. I thought Will's face was so cute! Man he is so HOT!!!!!! I am one lucky girl!

I love this of her! I don't think she even made contact with nemo. OMG do you see that hot guy in the background that is my husband! Holding all the kids back. I love him
No more safety violations! Will said she didn't need a helmet but 10 second into her 1st bike ride she fell right onto her head without the helmet she would have had a nice big bump.
She is so cute! Really if she wasn't my kid I may have to kidnap her. She is THAT cute! And look it Jordan on the back. He wanted that bike so bad.
GG and Loo. Sweet girls!
Thanks Katy, Chris and Jackson we love this movie!

These are our friends Mary and Jason

Kenzie eating Mac and Cheese
I love my camera cause I get to see the kids cute face as they spin around. This is

Jackson Boy
Zoe. This is the BEST picture I got of her. She is a little stinker! But she is so cute.


Janalee said...

That's funny about the butts. And how Will insisted on working on the cake, like a little child, "Can I help Can I help??" that's what I pictured. Tell him not to help you set up your backgrounds on your blog.

cute pics, what's the new camera? Are you editing on elements yet?

Amy John said...

Reina, you made that cake? I want to take a cake class!! And the party was sooo fun. We loved it. We defintly need to make a point of getting together and hanging out. Zoe is a stinker huh??? I tried to tell all of you... oh, do you like photoshop? I might ask for it for christmas, but not if it is something I cant use or understand.